Midi Router

X-Axis 8.250" (209.5500 mm)
Y-Axis 9.125" (231.7750 mm)
Z-Axis 3.900" (099.0600 mm)

T-Slot Plate Width: 11.250" (285.750 mm)
T-Slot Plate Length: 12.000" (304.8000 mm)
Opening Under Gantry: 3.900" (99.0600 mm)
Height: 11.45" (290.83 mm)
Width: 13.2" (335.28 mm)
Length: 12.50" (317.5 mm)
Pre Packaged Weight: 20.5 Lbs

Designed by WidgitMaster, Inc.

If you have experience in electronics and limited
mechanical skills, then this is the machine for you!
This is an "ELECTRONICS READY" machine!
NO Electronics are sold with this unit!
Perfect for drilling holes or cutting circuit board traces!
Carving Machinable Wax, Wood, Soft Non-Ferrous Metals,
or Plastics! Making Small RC-Model Parts! Customized
3D Modeling Engraving Name Plates or Jewelry, drawing on CD's!

This router was designed to move a small 1/8" dia shank cutting tool with
extreme precision! Much effort was made to remove the "endplay" and "backlash" from all moving parts! All parts are either MIC-6 or 6061-T6 Aluminum precision machined to be flat, parallel, and square within .001" tolerance! This router is ready to accept any NEMA-23 stepper motors, has existing threaded holes for each motor. No electronics or switches are provided, only a rigid unit by which the home-engineer can complete their dream machine! The X-Axis slides on .500 dia. Thomson linear rails, with SUPER-8 ball bushings! Y&Z-Axis slides use

Thomson linear rails fastened to a solid aluminum sub-plate by stainless steel
screws, along with precision machined bronze bushings. All three axis have acme lead screws with 10 threads per inch, and solid Delrin plastic nuts to eliminate all backlash! Both ends of all three acme screws are anchored in quality all steel double shielded ball bearings, precision fitted to eliminate any endplay! The ends of the shafts protrude 1" x .250 Dia. with flat milled for set screws and motor couplings. The router table has five 1/4" T-slots, for easy setups, and fastening of vises, parts and fixtures! The Z-Axis has three 1/8" T-Slots for easy fastening of various spindle and engraving tools. Includes the following items:

Includes the following items:
Two 1/4" T-Nuts.
Two 1/8 T-Nuts.
12 #10-24x5/8" SHCS for motors.
12 Standoffs for Motor Mounting.
Three 1/4" Motor Shaft Couplings.
One Proxxon IB/E Bracket w/hardware.

Recommended CNC Electronics kit would be the
3-Axis Package with
three 205 oz/in 3V 3A Steppers

Suggested spindles tools would be:
Proxon Professional Rotatary Tool IB/E
Dremel Model-300 Rotary Tool
High speed pneumatic die 1/8 grinder
Vibrating carbide points for engraving.
(These Routers have not been tested using larger spindles)

These units are fully assembled, will be
dismantled prior to Worldwide shipment!

These units are handmade one at a time by WidgitMaster!
Larger units will become available when funding permits!
Satisfaction or return un-damaged unit within 30-days for full refund (-shipping)

(No further customization is being offered with the sale of this unit)
(No other accessories are available for this unit through WidgitMaster, Inc.)
(No assistance with electronics or motor sizing, I am a Machinist, not an Electronics Tech)
For assistance in acquiring the electronics for this unit, please visit CNCzone.com !

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